UNE VIE DEMENTE, in aanwezigheid van de makers!


Avant-première, in aanwezigheid van de makers Ann Sirot & Raphaël Balboni. Vertoning in het kader van het FIFF (Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur)  in cinema Palace!

Alex and Noémie, in their thirties, would like to have a child. But their plans are turned upside down when Alex's mother, Suzanne, starts doing crazy stuff. It's because she has contracted 'semantic dementia', a fatal neurodegenerative disease that affects her behavior. She spends lavishly, pays nightly visits to her neighbors to eat sandwiches, makes herself a fake driver's license with glue and scissors. Suzanne the mother goes to Suzanne the unmanageable-kid. A strange school of parenting for Noémie and Alex. 

  • 21:00

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