III (The Lumineers)

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Three generations of the same family grapple with addiction and inherited trauma in this cinematic rendering of the latest album from American folk-rock band The Lumineers.

Directed by Kevin Phillips, III is a visual manifestation of the The Lumineers' third full-length album of the same name. Divided into three chapters, the film follows three members of the Sparks family, Gloria Sparks, her son Jimmy, and her grandson Junior. Without competing, Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites' lyrics narrate the raw and visually stunning vignettes — each depicting the agony of love, loss, and the enduring impact of substance abuse from one generation to the next. From the first image of a family portrait, it's clear that truth and pain lurk just beneath the surface for the family's matriarch, Gloria. It's her story that ignites a path of destructive behaviour, as each family member tries desperately to bury their anguish and outrun their past. What becomes of the Sparks family is all too familiar — in the end, no amount of love can erase the pain.

There will be limited seats available for this exclusive screening on the eve of the band's concert at AB. 

Regisseur Kevin Phillips
Cast Anna Cordell , Nick Stahl , Charlie Tahan
Muziek The Lumineers
Wyatt Garfield