Screening Romanian Shorts #2, 15:00 - 16:30:
  • Humanitarian Aid - Three young men from western Europe are bringing humanitarian aid to a remote Transylvanian village. They’ll also be the recipients of a little humanitarian aid themselves. (17') Directed by: Hanno Höfer
  • Coffee & Cigarettes - An old man enters a restaurant in Bucharest. He takes a seat at a table where a younger man who looks like he could be a successful businessman is already eating dessert. Their short meeting shows two generations with different mentalities, but who act according to the same principle: Kent cigarettes and a pack of coffee can make the difference when you want to get a new job. (15') Directed by: Cristi Puiu
  • Traffic - While on his way for a business meeting, Tudor is having an unexpected 30 minutes break, because of the impossible traffic. He’s got enough time to have a coffee, to talk a little about his beloved little girl and to take a picture.(16') Directed by: Catalin Mitulescu
  • The Tube with a Hat - Very early in the morning, Marian, a 7-year-old boy from a small isolated Romanian village, wakes up his father and persuades him to go into town to fix their old TV set. Despite the bad weather, the father finally agrees. Marian and his father start out, carrying the TV set, hoping that in the city they will find Bichescu, a specialist, who will fix their problem. (25') Directed by: Radu Jude