Coats is a multi-facetted cellist, using various (electronic) approaches to craft his musical universe, located somewhere in between classical, minimalism, ambient and braindance. His rich explorative career has led himto collaborate ith Thom Yorke and Mica Levi. For Palace, Coates will create a unique piece, to be listened to deeply.

With the aim of opening the cinema to an audience that is both curious and in love with sound, Palace introduces a new monthly event in its Foyer Hamesse, an Art Nouveau gem designed in 1913, with a capacity of around 100 seats. Like a cinema, Foyer Hamesse is the ideal place for deep listening, a concept developed by American composer Pauline Oliveros, who aims at raising awareness about music or sound through intensive listening. A specific sound system and an ideal
comfort for the public, in connection with the architecture of the place, will make it possible to meet the artistic requirements set up by the team.